Spiritual Advisors:
We provide clients with advisors to help them grow spiritually and give them life guidance.

12-Step Meetings:
The client will experience 12-Step Meetings around the area that will give them a solution in their life, and help them recover from addiction.

Individual Step Work:
We provide weekly workshops that will allow the client to work one-on-one with others in recovery that will help guide them in sobriety.

Gym Membership:
We provide a gym membership to all our clients that will allow them to 24/7 access to the fitness center.

Weekend Outings:
Every weekend, based on the clients’ decision we arrange a variety of fun seasonal activities ranging from skiing to whitewater rafting. At the Penthouse, we believe that the client can and should have fun in recovery.

The Penthouse emphasizes fitness and regular exercise as well as the importance of proper nutrition and diet. Spiritual growth is fostered when the mind and body are well. Separating the addict or alcoholic from the substance of abuse is but a first step. A complete plan for sober living involves a holistic approach of healing the mind, body and the spirit. We believe that sobriety can be an exuberant experience and that personal enjoyment is important component of any recovery program. We didn’t get sober to get somber. We got sober to live our lives to the fullest.

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