Upscale Sober Living in New York

The Penthouse located in Park Slope, Brooklyn New York is an upscale Men’s Sober Living that offers guidance, support, and inspiration vital to one’s recovery. Our objective is to build a foundation and holistically nurture the mind, body, and spirit.  We work within a large network of alcoholism and addiction professionals to allow the highest level of care for our residents. Our program is fully individualized and tailored toward each of our client’s needs.  

The Penthouse emphasizes the 12-step program and principles which include: meetings, service, fellowship and sponsorship.  We focus on personal growth, physical fitness and character building. Our guiding spiritual ethics are honesty, integrity, compassion, open-mindedness, willingness and humility. 

We offer First Class amenities including our own personal chef, full maid service, and weekly sober activities. A distinctive attribute of the house is the calm and peaceful ambiance. Serenity can be found in our beautiful, tranquil outdoor courtyard.  

Let us help you realize your potential and purpose in life. Let us show you the freedom and amazing life that exists in sobriety.

If you are struggling and in need of an answer, we offer you a solution for a new way of living.


The only sober living on the east coast endorsed by Dr. Phil

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